Facebook Racing Game in 3D for BMW Group Central Eastern European Markets released!

game.punks GmbH announces the release of BMW xDrive Challenge in cooperation with BMW Group Central Eastern Europe, a groundbreaking Facebook multiplayer game in 3D to promote the xdrive concept.

With xDrive Challenge, BMW will use social gaming on the social-network site Facebook to provide gamers and auto enthusiasts alike with a unique chance to virtually grab the wheel of BMW's highly innovative xDrive concept. Authoured using the world leading Unity Player, xDrive Challenge realizes 3D graphics of unprecedented quality for Facebook gaming. It is the best looking game on Facebook to date.

With this Social Game game.punks is using innovative technologies and the latest ideas to offer the first high quality 3D multiplayer game to new and existing customers via Facebook. Original 3D BMW xDrive models can be driven in the game, which enables the players to experience the innovative BMW xDrive technology in a digital environment. One main differentiator to other online games is the usage of a commoon 3D plug-in (Software) with a high resolution graphic engine. This offers a much better resolution and much more fluid gameplay compared to Flash and HTML engines. Our technology will include never seen before social game features such as realistic dynamic weather conditions, social mechanics, satellite data imagery of real locations and beautiful renderings of BMW xDrive models. The main USP is the first 3D multiplayer function which will increase the viral effect of the game in social media and on other online channels.  On top of this all players can share their experiences (share function) within their network and among their friends. The more they interact the faster they progress within the game.

This enables a total in depth social integration and the ultimate gaming experience on the most popular social media platform, Facebook. In sum, the quality of graphics, the brand interaction and social features are unprecedented in the social game world and far ahead of any competition.

This will be the first automotive social 3D multiplayer game that will not only engage fans in the online world; winners will be invited in 2012 to a real BMW organized test drive event.

Users experience through an increased involvement a unique and emotional brand interaction. At the beginning the game is focused on co-sponsored challenges and competitions and at a later stage user’s play for winning one of the tickets to be part of a real BMW driving event. 

The first race of the co-sponsored challenges kicks off December 15 with K2 Skis, with the series continuing having Deluxe Music, Bang & Olufson and Rauch as cooperation partners in 2012. The world known ski designer K2 Skis will make sure users will have a happy Christmas if they are picked as a great driver. Other Fantastic prizes are also waiting for users the next months.

The BMW xDrive Challenge has been launched in the second half of November 2011, with more than 50.000 users playing within the weeks after launch. The application is hosted on the local BMW Facebook fan pages in the following countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. 

Facebook Racing Game in 3D for BMW Group Central Eastern European Markets released!

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