BMW xDrive Challenge demonstrates what advergames, racing games can do on Facebook

The game performed very well and peaked at 90,000 monthly active users. We saw 10,000 players in the game at the same time and over 500,000 virtual test drives. This lead to over 1.2 million virtual kilometres raced in the game. The campaign also increased the fan counts of the local Eastern Europe BMW facebook pages by up to 400%. We had a strong launch because of the high standard of graphics and gameplay we bought to players, backed by a teaser video and strong brand. The game design also contained modes for different types of players, ie some like to compete, some like to explore, and some like to collect the cars and socialise. We raised the bar on all accounts and aimed the game at the new 'mid-core' social gamers. The next steps would be to launch the game to a new territories and increase the content to drive more players.




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