BMW xDrive Challenge is back!

The BMW xDrive Challenge is back – and this time even bigger and better! After a successful 3D multiplayer driving game on Facebook in the winter season 2011/12 this year’s BMW xDrive Challenge 2012 is improved in every aspect. We extended the project to mobile/tablet end devices in 2012/2013. By using innovative technologies BMW offers a high quality 3D multiplayer game to customers via Facebook and for the first time also via iPad.


Original 3D BMW xDrive models (BMW X1,BMW X1 Edition Powder Ride, BMW Concept K2 Powder Ride, BMW X3, BMW X5 and BMW X6) can be driven in the game which enables the players to experience the innovative BMW xDrive technology in a digital environment. Main differentiator to other online games is the usage of a special 3D Unity plug-in (Software) with a high resolution graphic engine, within a Facebook and iPad App. The other USP is the real time 3D multiplayer module: The player can compete with friends in a variety of exciting game modes. It is possible to share game experiences (share function) within the network and among other friends. This will increase the viral effect of the game in social media and on other online channels. 

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