Transactional Ads

Acquire new customers - Pay for performance, not just clicks.

Our games enable consumer brands to acquire new customers to drive traffic and exposure. We put focused ads in the transactions taking place at our social games. Expose your brand to millions of consumers at the point of transaction and acquire high-quality customers on a pay-for-performance basis. You don’t pay unless a customer buys your product or signs up for your service.

How It Works

Players can shop with our top advertisers to get free products - such as software, online services or other products sold online - or earn virtual currency and Facebook Credits in our games.


Users of our gaming platform complete the desired actions (such as taking part in a survey, watching a video or making a discounted purchase) and receive the corresponding virtual currency or gain access to premium features.


You set up your campaign based on your specific needs and we display your campaign to targeted audience in our games. Our platform optimizes the campaign based on your targeting preferences and distributes it to the desired audience.


you acquire new customers, increase brand engagement and build positive brand sentiment. Not only do customers engage with your brand in the desired manner, your company is also perceived as a 'sponsor' of virtual currency which builds positive brand sentiment.

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