Direct Payments

New Revenue Streams - Sell Your Virtual Branded Goods In Our Games.

Increase revenues and transactions by giving users the possibility to buy your virtual branded goods in our games. game.punks offers a wide array of industry payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets, mobile and more. We aggregate coverage across multiple service providers across the world.

How It Works

Any brand with strong consumer positioning can benefit from it‘s own branded virtual storefront. Brand loyal customers are eager to flaunt their favorite brands to their online friends and rivals. Virtual goods enable this kind of self-identifying behavior and deepen the relationship between brand and customer within a contemporary and relevant media environment. The user effectively pays the brand for interacting with it and is happy to do so.


Users of our gaming platform effectively pay for interacting with it. This leads to greater engagement and a perception of authenticity that translates into a more real and valuable impression for the brand.


We set up your branded virtual goods based on your specific needs and we display your virtual goods to targeted audiences in our games.


Sales and revenue driven by viral behavior across the social graph increases. The ability of virtual items to drive real world product sales is growing and may potentially be the greatest prize of all.

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